The IGC course program 2021 is now online and registration open. Make sure to register in time to get a place in your favourite courses!

For registration:

Students Meeting 2021

The Annual Students Meeting as well as the SSPH+ Faculty Meeting take place online again:

  • Students Meeting, 15 June 2021, 10:00-12:00, link to follow, late registration is here (with your user name and password)
  • SSPH+ Faculty Meeting, 15-16 June 2021
As SSPH+ PhD student you are welcome to attend the SSPH+ Faculty Meeting. The online program of the Faculty Meeting can be found here

New Training Offers: Expo Dubai Training Program

Learn how to communicate your research in an easily understandable manner, how to connect research to the general public in innovative ways and how to argue a scientifically sound viewpoint convincingly and within a limited time frame

ScienceFlashTalk Training

Scientific Debate Training

Effective Communication Training