15th Anniversary

Former SSPH+ Assistant Professors

Read what our former Assistant Professors say about SSPH+

  • Emiliano Albanese

    Emiliano Albanese

    The 4-year SSPH+ assistant professorship was a transformative step in my academic career because it gave me the possibility to design, develop, and shape a novel academic position in public mental health, in close collaboration with the World Health Organization.

    The SSPH+ is a unique combination of professionalism, competences, and experience, with enthusiasm,friendship, and a sense of community. Interacting with and counting on this fantastic public health community was key to design and conduct research, and to develop and deliver higher education trainings and courses.

    The SSPH+ was, and still is important for me to contribute to a collective effort to generate evidence, advance knowledge, and offer higher education opportunities, which can inform action that can truly contribute to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of the public.

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  • Murielle Bochud

    Murielle Bochud

    The financial support received from SSPH+ came at a strategic time during my career and was therefore instrumental in keeping protected time for research.

    SSPH+ is unique in its kind in that it allows public health researchers from multiple disciplines collaborating and interacting across universities and cultural settings in Switzerland. We are definitely stronger together and there is a need for a dynamic and reactive national public health research community to help our health care system and public health authorities face the many challenges ahead.

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  • Stefano Calciolari

    Stefano Calciolari

    SSPH+ was an open door toward multidisciplinarity and academic engagement influential societal matters.

  • Emmanuel Kabengele Mpinga

    Emmanuel Kabengele Mpinga

    SSPH+ has played an important role in my career and has allowed me to realize the fundamental principles that guide my life: equality, justice and responsibility.

    By selecting in 2007 and funding the proposal to develop a research axis on health and human rights at the University of Geneva, the SSPH+ recognized the importance of the link between those two disciplines. It also offered a structured framework through which this interdisciplinary field could be explored. Today, a Health and Human Rights Division exists within the Institute of Global Health of the University of Geneva.

    It aims, through its activities, to: (i) identify violations of fundamental rights having an impact on public health; (ii) clarify the epistemological foundations between health and human rights; (III) obtain reliable indicators for monitoring the implementation of human rights in the health field at the globallevel; (iv) identify strategies of intervention and adapted responses. Thus several research projects have been developed, the latest one being Noma, The Neglected Disease.

    An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Its Realities, Burden, and Framing with the support of the Swiss Network of International Studies. Several teaching programs have also been implemented, such as a Certificate in Discrimination, health and human rights targeting 6 African nations with the support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. All of those developments would not have been possible without the past and current support of SSPH+.

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  • Fabrizio Mazzonna

    Fabrizio Mazzonna

    I hope that SSPH+ will be able to shape Swiss public health policy addressing the most important public health challenges and improving population health.

  • Isabelle Peytremann-Bridevaux

    Isabelle Peytremann-Bridevaux

    Scientific projects and salaries made possible through its assistant professorship grant
    Strong and large network of faculty members of diverse horizons, backgrounds, and expertise
    Public activities, actions and involvement always targeting societies and populations
    Highly dedicated directorate
    + all the rest you may not be aware of

  • Sabine Rohrmann

    Sabine Rohrmann

    SSPH+ provides the opportunity to get in touch with colleagues in different areas of Public Health research in Switzerland. It provided the opportunity for a quick and smooth start for me.

  • Martin Röösli

    Martin Röösli

    SSPH+ is the place to learn from colleagues what cannot be found in a textbook.

  • Marcel Zwahlen

    Marcel Zwahlen

    SSPH+ is a fantastic umbrella organization for the many PhD students in Switzerland in epidemiology, public health and related fields. It provides access to high-level short courses for our PhD students.