Annual Reports


  • It is with great pleasure that we present our Annual Report 2020 (in the format of a leporello) which summarises the most important activities of the Foundation in the last 12 months, which were mainly characterised by various activities through COVID-19. Enjoy reading this exciting overview!

    PDF print version here.
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    SSPH+ recommends reading the Science Task Force policy briefs; see here.

    Download: SSPH+ Annual Report 2020 English (969 KB)



  • It is with great delight that we present our 2018 annual report. The year 2018 was a busy and important year for SSPH+. Our Directorate, the faculty and fellows, as well as the Foundation Board worked intensively on all three strategic pillars of SSPH+: public health training, interuniversity research collaboration, and science to policy.

    Download: SSPH+ Annual Report 2018 English (1 MB)





  • Der Schwerpunkt der Aktivitäten im Jahr 2013 lag weiterhin in der Erarbeitung einer nachhaltigen Struktur der SSPH+ für die Zeit nach 2016. Dazu hat sich die Direktion der SSPH+ weiter intensiv mit verschiedenen Stakeholder ausgetauscht, mögliche Strukturen diskutiert und einen Bericht erarbeitet, der Anfangs 2014 den Stakeholder zur Vernehmlassung versendet wurde.

    Download: SSPH+ Annual Report 2013 German (795 KB)